The "BIG" Man Behind the Artwork


My self portrait "The Man Behind the Artwork" has been my logo for over 20 years. The image continues to receive awards and recognition. In 2008, I was selected as the featured artist at the Bayou City Art Festival in Houston, TX. The show chose the image to be used in 10 billboards around the Houston area to advertise the show.


Below, the image was used as a 12' x 10' wall poster to advertise the 10th anniversary of the Downtown Denver Arts Festival. I had some fun interacting with my giant self and snapped some photos below.


The exhibit takes place in the heart of downtown Denver and features only Colorado artist. Click below to go to the
Downtown Denver Arts Festival Web Site

One more photo of me goofing around with my nose!

Click the link below to see my logo, "The Man Behind the Artwork" in a 

Cool t-shirt!

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