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Welcome to my web gallery of realistic charcoal and pencil drawings. Sometimes fine art galleries can be intimidating. Now you can sit back, kick off your shoes and look at my detailed graphite pencil and charcoal artwork in your own home. Click the links below  to enter various galleries and related information about my drawing techniques and inspiration. Before you get too far, I'd like to direct you to the bottom of the page to read some recent news concerning the unauthorized use of the images on my site.


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Pencil Drawing Workshops:

I conduct 4 - 6 workshops per year. Although students will learn advanced drawing techniques, the classes are structured  to be beneficial for all levels of students. The limited class size insures individual attention. Students will learn the techniques necessary to render a variety of textures realistically with graphite, carbon, charcoal, and various blending techniques. 

Examples of my work will be available for close scrutiny, and questions about specific techniques will be answered and demonstrated. Students are also encouraged to bring previous work in all stages of completion for constructive critique. All supplies are included for each workshop and detailed demonstrations with hands on instruction will guide each student as to their particular use. Click here to learn more about my Pencil Drawing Workshops

Post Your Drawings for Critique -
Pencil Drawing Forum

I am moderating a drawing discussion board on the web site of one of my favorite artists, Alexei Antonov. Here, you can post your drawings and receive helpful critiques from some of the best pencil artists in the world. This is a very friendly learning environment that I highly recommend. A wide variety of drawing techniques are used here by some truly amazing artists. Many of these artists post step by step demonstrations of their work in progress. It is a wonderful way to develop your own style by learning the methods and techniques employed by a variety of artists. I encourage you to take advantage of this wealth of knowledge by joining my forum.

Pencil Drawing Forum

About the Artist:

A natural ability and strong desire to draw surfaced early in J. D. Hillberry’s life. While growing up in Wyoming, he began developing his own techniques of blending charcoal and graphite to give a photo realistic look to his artwork. J. D. uses this monochromatic medium to focus the viewers attention to the drama of light, shadow and texture without the added influence of color. Throughout his career, he has tried to push the limits realistic expression in with his chosen medium. After moving to Colorado in 1989, Hillberry began experimenting with trompe l'oeil drawings. Traditionally, this type of artwork is done with oils, but he has successfully rendered images so realistically, they fool the eye into thinking that real objects are displayed in a shadow box frame. Working out of his studio in Westminster, Colorado, J. D. Hillberry continues to expand the public's perception of drawing.
(The Artist's Magazine July 1997)  

J. D. has exhibited his pencil drawings in some of the most prestigious art shows in the US and has garnered more than 40 awards in nationally acclaimed, juried art exhibitions . They include:

  • 9 Best of Show Awards

  • 9 First Place Awards

  • 6 Best of Media awards

  • 4 Judges Awards of Excellence

  • 2 Peoples Choice Awards

Click here to learn more about the Artist

Internet Limitations:

Please keep in mind that the limitations of the Internet make it impossible to show the detail and clarity contained in my work. Inside the galleries you will be able to view larger versions of the images, but nothing can compare with seeing my artwork in person. The mixture of both charcoal and graphite pencil can produce an amazingly realistic image that simply cannot translate to your monitor.  I have included a show schedule on this site in the hopes that many of you will come see my work. However, if you happen to purchase any of my drawings or fine art prints from this site without seeing the real thing, I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised.

Click here to for more about my No-Risk Guarantee  

Attention Galleries and Frame Shops:
Wholesale inquiries are welcome

I currently wholesale my limited edition prints to qualified retail galleries and frame shops. If you are interested in carrying my work in your retail establishment, click the link below to take you to my wholesale registration form. 

Gallery Registration Form

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I defend my copyrights vigorously. On May 3rd, 2007 I filed a copyright infringement suit in federal district court.

Recently, a settlement was reached with all four defendants. As in most Intellectual property cases that are settled before trial, the terms of the settlement are confidential. I can state that I am extremely pleased with the settlement.

If you download ANY of the works on this site without first asking permission, you are violating my copyright. I allow many non-commercial uses of my images but in all cases, you must ask permission first. Please contact me first to avoid a costly lawsuit. Image Permission Request 

I will continue to defend my copyrights vigorously. All work on this site is copyrighted by J. D. Hillberry.   Any copying, storing, altering, printing, or distribution of these images in ANY form will be considered copyright infringement.