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Student Comments


"Awesome! The atmosphere of camaraderie and friendly encouragement is set by JD. What a nice guy. Plus, he knows stuff and shares whatever he knows. It's fun and informative. I want to attend more!

Joyce, Austin TX

"I've always been interested in pencil drawing and really wanted to be a part of one of JD's workshops, but as a beginner, I was afraid I wasn't good enough. I'm so glad I finally did this. JD taught me more in 1 hour than I have every thought possible. He is a great teacher and a friendly critic."

Kim Corbin, OH

"This class was exactly what I needed to take me to the next level. JD's teaching style is so encouraging for artists of any level. Everything I hoped to learn in this class was delivered. I had such a pleasant and satisfying experience. Thank You, JD Hillberry- it was great!"

Melanie Elkins

"The workshop was wonderful! Full of great information and with a light heartedness in the classroom. I loved learning the new techniques and having an opportunity to practice them with JD's personal, friendly guidance. Not only is JD's work inspiring, but also the way he engages the students and shows interest in their development as an artist."

Anne Cote, AZ

"For many years, I have harbored a deep love of drawing. Due to a fear of my lack of knowledge and experience, I rarely if ever attempted to draw. I ran across JD's work on the internet and knew that I could learn so much from his workshops. Within the first 2-3 hours, I learned more than I had ever believed possible. By the end of the 4 days, it was apparent by my work how much I had learned... stuff that would have taken me years to figure out on my own!"

Maree Baez, UT

"This workshop was great for all skill levels and all ages. The challenge to stretch existing skills was given with clear and concise direction. JD is very articulate and does not waste words. Every sentence is gold!"

Marlene Carson, CO

"I appreciated that you critiqued everyone equally. Sometimes instructors focus more on the more "talented" participants,. Your comments were also very specific, which is extremely helpful."

Cheryl P. Granbury, TX

"I  had the most helpful, fun, learning experience I have ever had in my life. I have learned sooo much it's unbelievable. I loved this workshop!"

 Zeinab A. Benbrook, TX

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed meeting you and attending your class. I wish I'd had you for my instructor in High School and College! Seriously, you are one of the best instructors I've had.

You may have noticed that I am extremely insecure about the quality of my artwork and talent. Your class was one of the first in which I wasn't constantly criticizing, and cringing when you approached, or afraid of the other student's criticisms or opinions. I often harshly evaluate my own work which can stifle my learning. In your class, I actually did not compare my work to theirs, which is novel for me. I took your criticisms to heart, but knew you were mentoring and teaching, not denigrating my work or that of the other students. Thank you for that. You helped to build my confidence."

Mara M., Columbia, MO

"What I found most helpful was the individual critique of my artwork. I knew it was lacking, but didn't know what to do to make my drawings look more dimensional. I now have the knowledge and tools to make my work so much better. The class was a fantastic experience for me and it is just what I needed to take my drawing to the next level. I learned so much and your ability to joke with the class made it that much more fun. I will be returning to take more classes. It was well worth the price!"

Cathy W. South Jordan, UT

Your use of real life, down to earth teaching brings an understanding better than most teachers. Excellent!!

Kevin K. Mineola, TX 

"In his easy manner, J. D. Hillberry excels in the quiet sharing of his knowledge and attention to the individual. He instructs through clear, concise demonstration, demystifying profound drafting mysteries, rendering vision from a hazy dark void to obvious delights of light and form. And then, just when you think you have been completely blown away by a technique you can now use - he takes you a step further - and then another - and then you realize - this is just the beginning. 

The workshop is a highly focused and organized environment that delivers a fire-hose of information and technique in a methodical stream of meaningful information. 

JD's workshop will provide you with authority in precision drawing which will help you find yourself in your work.

I highly recommend this workshop to anyone interested in adding authority to their skill-set; any artist wanting to fearlessly and accurately render their drawings."

L. A., Los Angeles, CA

"I appreciated your generosity.  It's impressive that you would share your techniques so openly and completely.  Learning your techniques took some of the mystery/intimidation out of certain aspects of drawing.  It's really great to feel capable of drawing a portrait to my satisfaction.

Lisa M., Houston, TX

"I discovered J.D. Hillberry’s book in the library of the University where I teach in Brazil, and realized that I  needed to see his work and classes with my own eyes. The workshop exceeded all my expectations. It was simply overwhelming… place, organization, materials, techniques, friendliness, and the incredible ability of J.D. to transmit knowledge and experience to his students. I learned a lot and intend to come back soon. Above all, I realized that it possible to be a brilliant artist and an amazing person at the same time - as JD Hillberry is!”

Ana C– Architecture Professor and Artist - Brazil 

I really enjoyed learning new techniques. The instruction was easy to follow. Also, I appreciated the personal attention given to each student.

Virgil H 

"This was a tremendous opportunity, one that I never remotely anticipated when I bought your book ten years ago. Not a moment was wasted, yet the hours whizzed by. I appreciated your patience and appreciation of each individual's own style."

N. D, Portland, OR

"The supplies were really great. I like the room set-up. No matter where you are in the room, you can see the demonstrations."

H. L., Spring TX

"This was my second workshop with JD and I'm looking forward to my third one. for any one who wants to take their abilities to a new level, these workshops are a must."

K. D., Methuen, MA

"Absolutely the best art class I have ever taken! The one interesting thing that has happened is that I am noticing the highlights, shadows, core shadows, reflected light, etc. on everything. It really is kind of funny - Like an "Ah-Hah moment" in seeing."

B. C., Santa Rosa, CA

"This workshop Exceeded my expectations. I would tell students not to be intimidated by far more advanced artists as you'll learn from them as well. No matter what your level as a layman or professional artist, your work will improve significantly."

C. B., Golden, CO

"This workshop is a good opportunity for any average drawer to become advanced!"

L. M., Anacortes, WA

"My recent works showing my newly learned skills are proof of what knowledge can do! The amount learned in three days is worth years of art school. The class was fabulous. It was much more than I expected.  A very relaxed atmosphere and very supportive teaching. Thank you for a wonderful experience."

W. G., Riverside, IL

"Constructive criticism and observations of my drawing was most helpful."

K. D., Santa Rosa, CA

"The general instruction was so thorough, then, the one-on-one was so helpful for my particular challenges. I have worked with pencil before but never given the techniques to make the pencils work so well-for contrast, for blending for texture, etc."

B. C., Dallas, TX

"A lot of art classes are "here, draw this." JD Demonstrates how to achieve the effect all artists want to know - how to create the illusion of 3-d on a flat surface."

J. E., Denver, CO

"JD is an amazing instructor - involved but not at all pressuring. His talent is outstanding and learning from him is an inspiring experience." 

L. B., Houston, TX

"I learned more in 3 days than in an entire semester of college classes. The 3 days were truly enjoyable."

D. R., Centennial, CO

"I have signed up for your next workshop and plan on taking more to improve my skills."

G. M. Tempe, AZ

"Not only a fantastic artist but an outstanding teacher. Thanks for teaching beginners too!

Dan P. Keene, TX

I asked another workshop class  to fill out a short questionnaire about their impressions of the workshop. 

100% said the workshop met or exceeded their expectations.
100% indicated that they would recommend the workshop to others.
25% registered  for my next available workshop during the class.
100% would like to be contacted about future workshops

Did the workshop meet your expectations in terms of content?
"Absolutely exceeded my expectations"
"Yes. Right on target."
"More than what I expected" 
"Yes. It was fantastic! You really stretched me!"
"Most definitely! Looking forward to a DVD!
"Yes. It exceeded my expectations"

Did you find there was adequate individual attention for the size of the workshop?
"Yes. J. D. Makes a point to give feedback directed to the needs of the student. Never harsh and wonderfully helpful."
"Yes. You did great demos and personal instruction."
"JD gave each of us as much attention as we asked for."

Would you recommend this workshop to others?
"In a heartbeat!"
"Absolutely. I would come again just for the one-on-one and critique."
"I would and I will!"
"I'm going to do so."

Additional Comments
"This is the third drawing workshop I have taken and is by far the best."
"It was perfect. I learned a lot and look forward to incorporating JD's techniques into my work."
"Very relaxed, laid back learning environment! Easy, clear explanations!"
"You had me working 180 degrees from my comfort zone and I loved it!"
"This was an exceptionally professionally conducted workshop. JD is a wonderful instructor and incredible artist." 
"Great prep on your part! Flows well. Great atmosphere."
"Great Class. I came in expecting to learn a lot, but... I learned more than I expected!"

Below are even more comments from past workshops

"I have taken many drawing and portrait classes. I have learned more in these three days than in all of my other classes combined" 

"J.D. was very thorough in his explanations. He made sure that everyone understood what he was demonstrating before he moved on. It was time and money well spent."

"It was a phenomenal learning Experience!! I highly recommend this workshop to anyone that wants to improve there drawing skills. I very am interested in getting information about future J. D. Hillberry workshops."

It was very comfortable - non threatening environment. I felt the freedom to ask questions. Informal yet very effective. 

"Whenever I needed help J. D. was there. I didn't expect to learn so much."

"This workshop helped me clarify and refine steps, verify and validate some skills I have and open doors to new techniques I had not yet thought about. I'm so excited about what I have learned."

"The time spent on each technique and time to practice was excellent. I have had a very enjoyable three days."

"I am so grateful that J. D. is willing to share his skills. I am now a better artist for it!"

"I think that I will leave with new skills that will help me improve greatly." 

"J. D. Hillberry is a true inspiration for the experienced student as well as the novice art student. he knows how to tailor his classes so that all levels of students leave with a renewed passion in the exploration of new possibilities in art. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion for drawing and art with your students."

My workshops fill very quickly. Class size is limited to 20 students so please register early. A 50% deposit will secure your spot.


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