Drawing Workshop Photos

This view shows the class set up before everyone gets there. Everyone has their own drawing lamp, supply cup, and 3 feet of working space. 

Update to the photo above:
Each student now has an adjustable led lamp at their drawing station. I like these better than the big swing arm lights above.


This one shows my projection system that is attached to my drawing board. I can enlarge my drawing so much everyone gets an excellent view of the techniques I'm demonstrating. The actual size I'm working on is only about eight inches high. 

I can zoom in to show even more details in small areas.  I can enlarge it to the point that you can even see the tooth of the paper.

Here's a recent drawing with white hair, beard and background up on the demo screen.

This view is towards the back of the class. I have some of my artwork set up for students to look over and ask questions.  

This view shows the room with the overhead lights off.

drawing workshop set up


After demonstrating a technique, I walk around the class to give each student some personal attention and some help with achieving the desired look we are working on.

Occasionally, we come back to the art display so I can show specific examples of where I have used the techniques that the students have just learned. Everyone is encouraged to ask questions at anytime.

Another view

Below are some photos taken in a BYOP (Bring Your Own Project) workshop.

Here I am with Teresa and Kate. They did a great job on their projects. 
A baby kangaroo, a llama, and portrait of Kate's father.


Sometimes, we take some class photos of everyone's progress.
Of course, our mascot "Farley" likes to get in on the action when we take him to a workshop

"Farley" my dog 

As you can see, we all have a great time. I hope you will join us!

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