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October 2 - 4, 2015
(Three Days)

Chicago, Il
(Oakbrook Terrace - a suburb of Chicago)

Subject: Smooth Skin Portraits


Smooth Skin Portrait Workshop

This class will focus the techniques necessary to create realistic looking smooth skin texture on females and babies.

Students will learn all about, laying out a portrait to insure a likeness, and shading the portrait to give it dimension and realism as well as getting that sparkle in the eyes that really make a portrait come to life. 

Reference photos will be discussed in depth, and students will learn how to identify and solve potential problems. The class will culminate with everyone (including me) working on the same portrait.





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Below are some of the other classes I've conducted.
I'm leaving it up here so you can get an idea of the variety of classes I offer.

October 13th, 14th 2013
(Two Days)


Monterey, California

Textures and Contrast



2 Day Contrast and Textures Workshop

This two day class will cover everything in the One day class in March (above) and includes an entire second day to learn even more about how I get my work to "pop".  If you haven't  taken a workshop from me before, this is a great class to get your feet wet with my techniques.

Through demonstrations and hands on exercises, I'll show the techniques I use for clouds, wood, metal, glass, smooth skin, rough skin, clothing, and a unique method to get a sparkle in the eyes for any portrait.

Lighting situations for still life and portrait art will be discussed and demonstrated, as well as how light can affect the appearance of these varied textures. Compositional techniques will be covered so the students will understand how the achieve maximum impact and realism. 

November 8th - 10th, 2013
(Three days)

Westminster, Colorado

Bring Your Own Project Workshop



3 Day Bring Your Own Project Workshop

This is the only class I offer in which students can bring in their own drawings to work on. All my other classes are more structured and you work on the subjects I supply. 

It is open only to previous students that have taken a three day class or a one day class described above.

This is an excellent chance for you to pick my brain for three whole days to get the help you need to finish that drawing that you are stuck on, or start a new drawing. The subject matter can be anything you wish. This workshop will include personal emails from me prior to the class so we can discuss the drawing(s) you would like to work on. 


March 13 - 15
(Three Days)

Bradenton, FL
(Just outside Sarasota)

Subject: Trompe L'oeil Still Life Drawing
(Fool the eye illusions)


If you would like to be placed on the waiting list for this workshop please email me at:
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Class Description

This class will focus on the techniques I use to create my extremely realistic Trompe l'Oeil drawings. You will learn the techniques necessary to render a variety of contrasting textures such as metal, paper, wood, and yes... even the illusion of photographs held up by masking tape.  Compositional techniques will be covered so students will understand how to increase contrast and realism to help make objects appear to jump off the page.


Please check back often or sign up on my email list to be notified when more classes become available. 

NOTE: Do not book flights or hotel reservations until you have received confirmation that you are registered.

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