I'll be conducting another drawing workshop in beautiful Maui, Hawaii! 

 Here are some scenic photos from last year.
(Lots of pics here so please wait while they load)

The Hui No'eau Visual Arts Center

One of the huge Monkey Pod trees on the grounds

The Reflecting Pond behind the Arts Center

Entrance to the Arts Center

The North Shore - about 10 minutes from the Arts Center

Enjoying the sunset and wine

We took a day snorkel trip to Lahaina

Black Sand Beach
(Yes. The sand is actually black because it is crushed volcanic rock)

On the road to the Haleakala volcano we drove through the clouds

Here I am on the volcano that is above the clouds

A local artist from Maui who took the drawing workshop took us to a secluded waterfall

Here he is right before he jumped in!

The flowers were amazing. Look at the size of that blossom!

Lava field on the road to Hana

We found a local goat dairy

Here are some of the ladies

We met this friendly little fellow...

and got to feed him some straw!

Another favorite tree on the Hui grounds

We took a whale watching tour. Simply breathtaking!

We saw a lot of whale tails and blow holes but then...

This one breached right in front of us. It was truly an amazing site and thankfully, my wife was quick enough to catch it on our little point and shoot camera!

While whale watching we spotted some spinner dolphins. These swam along next to the boat and would occasionally jump out of the water with a spinning move.

At the end of each day, we were treated to Mother Natures' nightly show


 Don't miss out on this
extraordinary opportunity to join me again in Maui on March 1st!


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