About the Artwork

Each original drawing is rendered on white 100% acid free paper or watercolor board.  I use a combination of charcoal and pencil in each piece, which adds texture and depth.  Even with all of the techniques I use to speed up the drawing process, some of my original drawings can take up to 250 hours to complete.  Consequently, I only produce four or five new pieces a year and they range from $1,500.00 to $7,000.00.  

To make my work available to more people, I produce limited edition reproductions of some of my drawings using either offset lithography or the Giclee printing process.  These are full size reproductions.

The off set lithographs are printed using a duo-tone (two color) process.  I  print them on a slightly textured paper that is similar to my drawing paper.  Using this printing technique helps preserve the depth, texture and values that are seen in my original drawings while keeping them at a reasonable cost. 

To reproduce the extremely  subtle value changes in some of my tromp l'oeil work  I  use a relatively new method of printing called a Piezograph Giclee. The increased dynamic range of this type of printing results in a high quality, black and white reproduction that is nearly indistinguishable from the original drawing. This printing method is a little more costly than traditional off set lithography but I feel the result is well worth it. Sometime even have to look twice to tell the difference!

The other format that I offer my work in is the mini print.  These reproductions are made using the same off set lithographic process explained above and all are signed and titled.  The dimensions of these reproductions are significantly smaller than the full size prints and they loose some of the detail that can be seen in the larger format. Consequently, they are  less expensive and make great gifts or for those that love the image but are running out of room  If I feel that too much detail of an image would be lost in a mini print, I only offer it in the same size as the original drawing.  I don’t want any of my reproductions to be missing too much of the detail that I work so hard to get!

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